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Adapted from the Book titled The Talisman Ring by Georgette Heyer

Adapted by Christina Calvit

Directed by Melissa and David Bareford



Monday, April 1, 7p-9p

Love Street Playhouse, 126 Loves Ave, Woodland WA


Rehearsal begins the second week of May, usually working Mon through Thursday evenings. We may have occasional Friday night fight rehearsals or dialect workshops for some cast members.

Performances are June 14 through 30, and we perform Thursday through Saturday nights at 7:30pm and a 2:00 Sunday matinee, with the option of adding Saturday matinees


Please bring a headshot and theatre resume, but a memorized monologue isn’t needed. Arrive a few minutes before 7 to fill out paperwork and be ready to stay the whole two hours, as these are rather like auditions and callbacks in one.

We will be doing readings from the script, but we strongly encourage you prepare before you come. The full script--minus the final scene--is posted below, and each role is described below. When you find a role (or several) that you would like to audition for, take note of the Audition Scenes for each character to help focus your preparation. We have found that actors who come to auditions with a strong familiarity with the script do far better than those who rely on “cold” readings.

General Requirements

Everyone should be able to perform (or able to learn) one or more dialects: most of the characters speak in RP: received pronunciation, or what we might call “standard” British or posh. Eustacie has to have a French accent--but one that can still be understood! The detectives and other types will use lower-class or London accents.

This is a romance, so there is some kissing...those cast as Tristram, Eustacie, Ludovic, and Sarah will be required to perform some onstage female-to-male kissing. All such stage intimacy will be strictly choreographed and mutually agreed-upon. No intimacy will be required in the auditions, of course.

Character Descriptions

Single-Role Parts:

Tristram seems like the cautious, uptight Englishman stereotype, but he’s really quite layered. Everyone labels him as boring and without imagination--and he’s definitely the reserved, proper type on the outside--but there’s an action hero and a definite romantic hiding under the surface. He’s the one winning all the fights and duels and is out in front trying to solve the mystery. Age Range: 25 to 35. Accent: RP. Helpful Skills: stage combat. Audition Scenes: 1, 4, 7, 8 15

Eustacie, the young French girl initially engaged to Tristram, believes life should play out like a romance novel: there are certain ways to do things and certain things that should happen (eldest sons will always fall in love with the beautiful young governess, for example). She exudes a natural charm and enthusiasm and an infectious joie de vivre that sweeps everyone around her up into her schemes. Age Range: 18 to 25. Accent: French (but still understandable). Audition Scenes: 4, 5, 6, 8, 11

Sarah is a little older than Eustacie, a little more world-wise, but still craves adventure and romance. She’s the intellectual equal of Tristram, and loves to needle him about his boring, cautious ways. And she gets to play a hilarious ditzy character in some of their schemes. Age Range: 28 to 35. Accent: RP. Helpful Skills: stage combat. Audition Scenes: 6, 7, 8, 15

Ludovic is the classic roguish romantic hero. The rightful heir of the estate turned to smuggling after being wrongly accused of murder, he’s the “bad boy” of Talisman of course Eustacie immediately falls for him. Ludovic is man of roguish charm and unassailable self-confidence. Age Range: 20 to 30. Accent: RP. Audition Scenes: 5, 11, 14

Basil is definitely the villain of the show, but he’s not the typical dark, moustache-twirling type. He’s the Beau Brummel of the community, an impeccably dressed society favorite who is charming and witty...and devious as a snake. He’s a bit of a dandy but nefarious and scheming at the same time, so bring your best villain-we-love-to-hate! Age Range: 30 to 50. Accent: RP. Helpful Skills: stage combat. Audition Scenes: 2, 8, 15

Multiple-Role Parts

Sylvester/Abel/Hugh: (male actor) This actor will portray Sylvester Lavenham, the irascible (and dying) Lord Lavenham who starts the show’s trouble by engaging Tristram to Eustacie, Abel, Ludovic fellow smuggler and compatriot, and Sarah’s brother Hugh, the magistrate more interested in drinking smuggled brandy than getting involved in mysteries, but who fends off a knife-wielding assassin like a minor annoyance. Age Range: 40+. Accents: RP, Scottish. Helpful Skills: stage combat, ability to physically differentiate several characters. Audition Scenes: 1, 5, 11, 14

Nye/Gregg/Lavenham House butler: (male actor) This actor plays Joseph Nye, the owner of the Red Lion pub where much of the action takes place, Mr. Gregg, the hired thug of Basil who helps puts his boss’s nefarious plans into motion, and the Butler of the Lavenham estate. Age Range: 25 to 60. Accents: RP, lower-class English. Helpful Skills: stage combat, ability to physically differentiate several characters. Audition Scenes: 6, 8, 11, 12, 14

Stubbs/Dover House butler: (male actor) This actor has a smaller but choice comic role as Jeremiah Stubbs. Stubbs is a Bow Street runner (a detective) who seems dense and easily-duped but knows there is more going on than he is being told...and finally proves that Basil is behind the scheme to discredit Ludovic. The other role, as Basil’s butler, is a primary fighter in one of the centerpiece comic brawls in the show. Age Range: 20+. Accents: lower-class London, RP. Helpful Skills: stage combat. Audition Scenes: 11, 12, 14