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Auditions for upcoming productions at Love Street Playhouse are listed here. 





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by Jahanna Beecham and Malcolm Hillgartner

Directed by Shanae Tullis

Produced by Melinda and Lou Pallotta


When:  Sunday, September 29th, 2019, 7pm – 9pm

Where:  Love Street Playhouse

   126 Loves Ave.

   Woodland, WA 98674


Volunteer – No Pay

How to Prepare:

Please bring a cutting (approx. 32 bars or about 1 minute) of a song that showcases your vocal ability in the style of the show (western) to be sung acapella. If you play the guitar, please bring it with you and use it as you sing (specifically for the role of Archie).

Be prepared to sight read melodies and harmonies from a song in the show and for cold readings from the script.

If you are auditioning exclusively for the role of Stan, no song is necessary.  Be prepared for physical comedy within cold readings, etc.


What to Bring:

Headshot (non-professional is fine)

Personal Calendar (check for conflicts)

Theater Resume or fill out show information on audition form

You will fill out a short informational sheet upon arrival


Plan on staying for the entire block of time, unless pre-arranged



Rehearsals will begin Oct. 6th and will be 3-4 times per week and increase to 5 as we get closer to opening.  Rehearsal times will be determined after show has been cast.

Performances:  November 29th, 2019 – December 15th, 2019.


Range: G2 – E4  (Baritone)
Accent:  Cockney
Instrument: Guitar
Sound engineer. Down-to-earth and quick with a quip. Loves cowboy songs--and knows quite a few of them.

Range: A♭2 – F5 (Tenor + Falsetto)
Accent: RP
Intense young producer who’s responsible for bringing the Singing Cowboys to Great Britain. If this broadcast doesn’t come off, he might as well kiss his job good-bye. If he wasn’t so neurotic, he’d be a nice guy.

Range: G2 – G4 (Baritone/Tenor)
Accent: RP
Imperious snob of a BBC announcer, á la George Sanders. Loathes cowboy songs. Is convinced he is civilization’s last line of defense against the rise of vulgar populism on the radio.

Range: D2 – E4 (Bass)
Accent: RP
A radio personality of sorts, Clive IS the “Saltey’s Fish ‘n’ Chips Man.” An old school tie kind of guy, he really thinks of himself as a great “h’ac-tor.”

Range: F♯3 – C6 (Mezzo/Soprano)

Accent: American
Tex Riley’s tour manager. Mabel is used to being a behind-the-scenes wallflower. But once she steps up to the mike, she’s a rose in full bloom.

This is a silent role with physical comedy required
The sound effects man. Like Buster Keaton, this shell-shocked veteran is a man of few words.

Whoa, Britannia! Panic at the BBC! It’s Christmas Eve 1944. America’s favorite singing cowboy, Tex Riley, and his troupe are late for a special holiday broadcast at the BBC. Out of desperation, Mabel, their tour manager, and Miles, the frantic young producer, grab whomever they can – a snobby announcer, an amiable soundman, a passing soap opera actor – slap them into costume, hand them scripts (after all, it’s radio!) and shove them in front of the studio audience. The resulting performance, full of Christmas songs and quirky cowboy tunes, is one England will never forget.

Questions?  Email (producer) or (director)

Do not email headshot/resumes.  Bring to audition.