Auditions at lsp

Auditions for upcoming productions at Love Street Playhouse are listed here. 




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Written by Robert Harling

Directed by J Christopher Cleveland


PERFORMANCES: February 15-March 3, 2019 


TRUVY - Rebecca York

ANNELLE - Rebekah Skinner

CLAIREE - Cindy Heikkala

SHELBY - Jessica Wisniewski

M'LYNN - Karen Cleveland

OUISER - Pat Rohrbach


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Written by Ken Ludwig

Directed by Melinda Pallotta

AUDITIONS: Wednesday, January 23rd, 7:00p-9:00p

PERFORMANCES: April 26-May 12, 2019

THE STORY:  "Leading Ladies," the story of two Shakespearean actors down on their luck who hatch a plot to pass themselves off as two English women to scam an elderly woman out of her fortune. Romantic entanglements abound. 


LEO CLARK - 30-45, A clean shaven, Shakespeare actor from England, marginally gifted, charming yet mildly pompous, prone to temper tantrums, longs to achieve stardom. Comic timing a must. Will also be playing Meg’s Niece, Maxine.

JACK GABLE - 30-45, A clean shaven, Shakespeare actor from England, Leo’s partner, easily dragged into Leo’s harebrained schemes, nice guy, longs to settle down. Comic timing a must. Will also be playing Meg’s other niece, Stephanie. 

DUNCAN WOOLEY - 40-45, Local minister, engaged to Meg. A good man, but fussy, headstrong, set in his ways, egocentric.

DOC MYERS - 45-55 (depending on age of actor cast as Butch), Local doctor, Chief Moose, likeable curmudgeon, boisterous, stocky, father to Butch.

BUTCH MYERS - 20s, A little slow on the uptake, built like he played high school football, sincere, good-hearted.


MEG SNIDER - 25-35, Local girl, vivacious, warm, great sense of humor. Has unfulfilled dreams of the great big world outside of central Pennsylvania she has yet to experience.

AUDREY - 20's, A well-built, extremely sweet and good natured “intelligent airhead.” Audrey roller-skates.

FLORENCE SNIDER - 60-75, Extremely crusty, terrible eyesight, wealthy, wily, ailing, possibly a hypochondriac.


Cold readings from the script. No monologues required. No appointments. Arrive a few minutes before 7pm to fill out paperwork.

What to bring:

Headshot (non-professional is fine)

Personal Calendar (to check for date conflicts)

Theater Resume

Plan on staying for the entire block of tine, unless pre-arranged.


Rehearsals start March 18 and run 4-5 times per week until show opens. Number of rehearsals dependent on size of role and can be flexible with some conflicts. Mostly Monday through Thursday in the evenings with some Saturday daytime rehearsals. Bring conflict dates to auditions.