love street playhouse


October 7-30, 2016



By Noel Coward


Noel Coward's sparkling comedy, Blithe Spirit revolves around Charles, who is planning a seance as research for his new book. He invites the eccentric medium, Madam Arcati, into his  country home, intending to expose the Madam as a fraud. To witness this event, Charles and his second wife, Ruth, invite the skeptical Dr. Bradman and his anxious-to-believe wife, Violet. When, in the course of the seance, Madam Arcati mistakenly summons Charles' first wife, Elvira, back from the beyond, things get thoroughly out of hand.


Directed by Dorinda Toner

Produced by Melinda Pallotta


December 2-18, 2016


 By Dan Goggins


Directed by Bethany Pithan

Produced by Melinda Pallotta